Dr. Smood And Drift Partner To Promote 100% Certified Organic Food And 100% Renewable Energy In New York City

Dr. Smood And Drift Partner To Promote 100% Certified Organic Food And 100% Renewable Energy In New York City

February 27, 2019

NEW YORK, February 26, 2018 – Today, Dr. Smood, a fast-growing cafe chain that sells healthy, organic foods and beverages, and Drift, a rapidly expanding renewable energy and technology company, announced a partnership to provide access to 100% certified organic food and 100% renewable energy in all New York City Dr. Smood stores.

By increasing accessibility to both nutritious food and clean energy, the partnership helps address two of the most pressing concerns of our time: health and climate change.  

“Drift is a fantastic partner, helping us achieve our goal of being as environmentally sustainable as possible,” said Niels Ranum, CCO/Partner of Dr. Smood. “Our cafes require a lot of power with refrigeration, ventilation, appliances, and more. The annual emissions avoided by switching all of our NYC locations to Drift is equivalent to the emissions sequestered by 267 acres of forest.”

“We’re incredibly proud to have Dr. Smood as a customer and partner,” said Greg Robinson, CEO of Drift. “Dr. Smood makes it easier for busy New Yorkers to eat healthy foods, and Drift makes it easier for those same people to switch to renewable power. This partnership helps pave the way to a healthier and cleaner future for everyone.”

The Partnership

Dr. Smood has switched to Drift to power all of its New York locations with 100% renewable power – all day, every day. Drift monitors Dr. Smood’s power consumption, purchases the matching amount of renewable power, and transfers that power to Dr. Smood locations on the local New York grid.

About Dr. Smood

Founded in 2014 by Danish business visionary René Sindlev to address a lack of uncompromised, certified organic and healthful food backed by real nutrition science, Dr. Smood has a clear-cut vision to become the world’s healthiest café concept. With locations throughout New York and Miami, it offers products that are always USDA-certified organic, certified kosher, non-HPP and non-GMO. All menus are created by in-house nutrition doctors and experts to provide a combination of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes and fats that make human bodies work, feel and look better.

About Drift

Drift is the only power market in the world that is built to handle the data volume and trading speeds necessary to get to a world that runs on 100% renewables. All day. Every day. The company uses a distributed network of independent energy producers, machine learning, and high-frequency trading to seamlessly match supply and demand in real time. The company’s unique approach allows independent energy producers to increase their profits while residential and business customers lower both their energy costs and their impact on the environment. The company recently announced its expansion to all 50 states as the official partner for Budweiser’s Super Bowl LIII ad campaign. To sign up for Drift, please visit https://joindrift.com.

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