Ski Resorts Go Green To Keep The Snow Days Coming

Ski Resorts Go Green To Keep The Snow Days Coming

February 5, 2019

Twenty or so years ago, conservationists had a right to complain about ski resorts. They were massive consumers of energy — after all, it takes a lot of power to operate ski lifts, produce fake snow and illuminate hills. 

But the ski industry is now actively replacing outdated energy-guzzling operations with energy-efficient technologies. Axios recently compiled a list of resorts that have made big strides towards reducing their carbon footprint. Among them and their green achievements:

  • Vermont’s Bromley ski resort recently switched to low-energy snowmaking guns.
  • The Berkshire East ski resort, in Massachusetts, powers their entire operation with a 900-kilowatt-hour wind turbine and an 1,800-panel solar farm.
  •  Park City, Utah, transports skiers on biodiesel-fueled buses. 
  • Vermont’s Killington Resort has several solar power installations that will generate more than 3,300,000 kWh of clean electricity every year. 

According to The National Ski Areas Association’s 2018 Sustainable Slopes report, 75% of the ski resorts in the United States have renewable energy programs in place. Many of these resorts are part of I AM PRO SNOW, a consortium of companies, towns and winter sports athletes who have committed to renewable energy in an effort to curb climate change.

It’s a wise decision. As the I Am Pro Snow website says, “We need snow. But right now, snow needs us. … Thanks to climate change, winters are getting warmer and snow’s not coming like it used to – and disappearing more quickly than ever.” 

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