Drift’s Green Energy Plans Explained

Drift’s Green Energy Plans Explained

January 22, 2019

By Maria Mendieta, Drift product manager

Buying green power has little to do with your actual electricity service. Sound counterintuitive? It is. Allow us to explain. 

A large power grid is like a lake. Lakes collect water from multiple sources — rivers, streams, rainfall, etc. — that mix together. When water is removed from the lake, it’s impossible to say where that water originated. The same is true with most people’s electricity. Electrons from solar panels, wind farms, dams and traditional sources flow into the grid and intermingle before flowing out again into our homes and businesses.     

The above has implications for the purchase and sale of electricity. No customer attached to a big power grid is getting 100% renewable energy. The power sources may change, but the end product doesn’t. When you or your business pay more for green power, you are getting the same mix of electrons as everyone else. What you’re paying for is to ensure a greener mix of electrons, which are then consumed by everyone on the power grid. 

This doesn’t make buying renewable energy less valuable. Quite the opposite: When you pay extra for renewable energy, you are guaranteeing that a share of those electrons is renewable. As more people do this, the share of electrons that are renewable will grow.  Put simply, the more people commit to green energy, the greener the grid will be.

That said, there are several ways to go about buying clean power, and each of them may have a different impact on the environment. 

Currently, most people buy renewable energy through their utility company because that makes sense intuitively. Others pay a service to guarantee an equivalent amount of clean energy is added to their grid. But here’s the truth: There’s no difference in impact between the two. And companies like Drift may offer distinct advantages outside of impact, including more control over how their money is spent. 

When it comes to renewable energy, Drift offers greater impact, choice and transparency. Here is how we do it:

Regardless of the plan you choose, we track when and where green electricity is generated (learn more about our network of suppliers here) and price each green electron that enters the grid according to its impact (learn more about Drift’s Fair Price for Energy here).

We have designed three green power purchase plans to accommodate your priorities and budget: 

Custom Impact
Drift’s custom impact plan is the only plan that allows you to set a fixed budget to buy clean power. It’s also the easiest one to get started (it takes only 5 minutes). All you need to do is decide how much money you want to allocate to clean your power consumption and we show how much clean power that buys and provide an estimate of the emissions you’ll save. To make it easier for you, we use the Environmental Protection Agency’s U.S. monthly average electricity consumption per household as a default, but you can customize the quantity you want to buy to as little or as much clean power as you want. This plan is ideal for residential customers and brands that are starting to explore renewable energy options and want to allocate a fixed budget.

Drift 100
Drift will take your precise consumption data and purchase renewable energy to make your electricity consumption 100% renewable on a monthly basis. Drift 100 customers can claim to be powered 100% renewable energy and track the generators they buy green power from. When you subscribe to this plan, Drift becomes your electricity provider, which means you can buy both the electricity and the green power from us. This plan is ideal for residential customers and brands seeking to clean 100% of their power consumption with renewable energy. 

Drift 24/7
With Drift 24/7, customers are powered with 100% renewable energy every hour of the day. Rather than matching your monthly consumption, Drift makes sure green power is added to the grid at the time you are using it. This is the gold standard of renewable energy purchases because it’s the one with the most impact. To provide this service, Drift will require real-time hourly consumption data, which means you will need to have a smart meter device installed. We provide the technical support and tools to facilitate the exchange of data this plan requires. This plan is ideal for brands that want to power their operations on a region-specific, 24/7 basis with 100% renewable energy. 

Depending on where you are, we can also bundle your renewable energy purchases with the electricity you consume. We do it in various ways that allow us to eliminate unnecessary utility fees, get you a better price or add convenience to your green power purchase. Our intention is to give you the best product at the best price possible, so if we do not offer electricity supply in your area, it’s because we are working on giving you a better service than what you currently have.

Let’s build a 100% renewable energy future together.
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