Prodigy Coffee Adds The Right Kind Of Energy To New York’s West Village

Prodigy Coffee Adds The Right Kind Of Energy To New York’s West Village

December 17, 2018

For Marianne Perez, owning a coffee shop is about more than just making a great cup of Joe. It’s about being an important part of a community.

Perez owns Prodigy Coffee in the West Village, which serves high-quality beverages and pastries to a thriving neighborhood. The shop is a cozy gathering place, too, for workers, writers and those needing a spot to read or rest throughout the day.

“New York is amazing. I love the diversity. I love the buzz,” she says. “When you’ve lived in different countries and different continents, you really can appreciate how unique New York is when it comes to acceptance.”

For Perez, signing up with Drift to provide the shop’s power from renewable resources fits right in with her company’s ethos.

“We need to take the opportunities to make a difference on our own when we can,” says Perez, who became a Drift customer in October. “Most people who are concerned about where the world is going would want to join Drift.”

Before New York, she and her husband lived in Australia, where Perez says she found a passion for coffee because the quality there is so high. And it stuck. After they arrived in New York 11 years ago, “we would have to plan a walk to get a good cup of coffee.”

The opportunity came up suddenly last year, when the owner of an existing shop wanted to sell it but not to a major corporation. Perez and her husband, whose business involves brewing equipment, jumped in.

Now, they hope to expand.

“We want to do wholesale for the beans and we want to open more cafes – but without being a chain” Perez says. “We want each space to be unique. If you get too big, there’s no way you can be hands-on the way I want to be.”

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