All-Electric Ferry Making Waves In Thailand

All-Electric Ferry Making Waves In Thailand

December 5, 2018

A new electric vehicle is making waves in Thailand — literally.

Thailand’s first all-electric commuter ferry recently recently entered service with the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA). The 47.5-foot fiberglass vessel, formerly powered by a 205-horsepower diesel engine, now boasts two Torqeedo Cruise 10-kilowatt electric outboards, each with six lithium battery banks and two fast chargers.

Powerful enough to haul 40 passengers, the rejiggered ferry is part of Bangkok’s efforts to reduce congestion and improve air quality. “This is an important achievement for the city of Bangkok and a key part of our Thailand 4.0 Smart City vision for an integrated clean, green public transportation system including bus, rail and waterways,” said Ekarin Vasanasong, the BMA’s deputy managing director. “Based on the success of the first Torqeedo-powered electric ferry, we expect to repower more vessels in the fleet with battery-electric drives in the coming months.”

A whisper-quiet, fume-free commute? We’re totally on board with that.