Drift CEO In Fast Company: ‘We Can Get Mad, Or We Can Get Moving’

Drift CEO In Fast Company: ‘We Can Get Mad, Or We Can Get Moving’

October 31, 2018

What’s a sustainable-energy startup to do when its government resists the very notion of climate change?

That’s one of the questions Fast Company is seeking to answer with its Startup Resistance series detailing select entrepreneurs and activists addressing. Among those interviewed was Drift’s CEO, Greg Robinson.

“One of the difficult things about being a person in the age of near-climate catastrophe is managing the feeling of personal inefficacy while hoping that wide-scale solutions, like satellite imaging and carbon capture, actually work. Drift, a clean-energy startup based in Seattle, understands this. The startup launched on the same day that Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, and for CEO Greg Robinson, that was symbolic: Even as the federal government was moving away from climate action, Drift, he hoped, would give consumers a way to continue to uphold the agreement and shift to renewable energy themselves.”

Perhaps, the article posits, if enough companies like Drift worked to tackle climate change from all its angles, be that tracking emissions, scrubbing the air, or making it easier to access clean energy, collectively they can save the planet. After all, when you give people the power to do what’s right, it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House.

Robinson echoes that sentiment: “We can all get mad at what’s going on, or we can all get moving and take action.”

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