This Is How We’d Spend Our Mega Millions Jackpot Money

This Is How We’d Spend Our Mega Millions Jackpot Money

October 23, 2018

The odds of winning tonight’s $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot may be slim, but that hasn’t stopped us from daydreaming about it here at Drift HQ. Here’s how we’d spend the money:

“Bring together the best minds to understand the different categories of homelessness and tailor solutions to each one.  Also, go to Bora Bora.”
Laura McCarty, Director of Power Operations

“Growing up I always told my dad the first thing I would do is buy a Slurpee machine. That is still the first thing I will do.”
Whitney Hillis, Head of People Operations

“Well, first I’d make sure all of my social media was private/turned off, give everyone ay Drift some money, buy Laura a trip to Bora Bora and Whitney a Slurpee machine, and pay off debts. That should leave just enough for my daughter’s college tuition.”
Matt Robinson, Co-Founder

“I’d invest in Drift, give to charities helping the most vulnerable facing homelessness, and buy me a small house with a view of the water.”
Carmen Cano, Chief Product Officer

“Invest 50% in Drift and give the rest to NewStory Charity to 3D print homes and build power grids in disaster relief zones. Get $450 million, give $450 million.”
Greg Robinson, CEO

“I would take a looong trip, and then probably start some sort of nonprofit — I’m thinking sustainable agriculture.”
Guy Giesa-Wilson, Software Engineer

I would invest in startups that could change the world.
Kha Dang, General Counsel

I have given this much thought. I would:
1) pay off my student loans
2) pay off my friends’ student loans and/or their kids’ college funds
3) renovations to my mom’s house
4) go visit all of my friends in other places
5) donate to social justice organizations
6) fund every gofundme for struggling LGBTQ folks and/or POC that comes across my path
7) If I’m being honest, I’d probably finally get another cat
7a) Maybe two
Utah Kate Newman, Front End Engineer

Regardless of who wins the lottery, today’s your lucky day.
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