Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Puts Petals To The Metal

Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Puts Petals To The Metal

October 4, 2018

Maybe you’re interested in solar power for your home. Great to hear. But what if you’re not really into those squares and rectangles that sometimes can have a way of taking over the roof?

You’ve got options. And here’s one that adds some serious cool to all that clean energy: the SmartFlower. As the name implies, this solar panel draws inspiration (along with sunlight) directly from nature. When the sun rises, SmartFlower starts to unfold its panels, ultimately forming a full circle. It spends the day following the sun, with technology that keeps it at the best angle, even when you’ve got clouds. Then, after the sun goes down, it folds back up and waits to start over the following day.

That’s flower power for the modern day. SmartFlower is packed with fantastic details and technology, such as the brushes on its panels that get the dust off the one below during the unfolding process. Plus, you’ve got color options. Also, you can use it to charge up your electric car. This isn’t just for the residential structure, either, with SmartFlower ready to power businesses, too.

“Our mission is to create clean energy technologies that are pleasing to the eye, simple to install, even easier to use, and optimize efficiency,” maker SmartFlower Solar says on its website. Strong goals we can get behind.

Right now, the base model starts at an MSRP of $24,950. If you go with the SmartFlower +Plus, you can add in battery storage capabilities. Now, SmartFlower Solar does note that your standard U.S. or Canadian home may very well use more power than a single SmartFlower can produce in a year on its own. However, it can be used to lower the amount of grid-based power required for a house — and it might even be enough for a small dwelling or cabin.

Bottom line: If you’re interested in solar, and you like an unusual design, you may want to check out the SmartFlower.

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