Solar-Powered Self-Charging Car Is Self-Charging, Solar-Powered

Solar-Powered Self-Charging Car Is Self-Charging, Solar-Powered

September 6, 2018

As much as we love standard electric cars (and that’s a lot), charging them can be a bit of a pain. Public chargers can require special memberships or phone apps, and availability isn’t guaranteed. And even when you’re blessed with enough space to charge at home, it can take four to 12 hours, depending on the voltage of your charger.

And what if you want to travel a long distance but aren’t sure whether your battery will last long enough to reach a charger? What a bummer.

A German startup is testing a solution: an all-electric solar car that charges as you drive. Once Sono Motors‘ solar-cell-studded Sion (say that five times fast) is on the market, its owners can charge via the 330 solar cells in its bodywork. They can also use conventional power outlets or other electric cars to charge it.

Its makers say an ultrasimple and lightweight design maximizes efficiency, but they did manage to work in an “infotainment screen” and even a trailer hitch.

Sono Motors expects production to begin in the second half of 2019, with models starting at around $18,500, minus the cost of the battery.

What to learn more? Check out this video:

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