The Good News Report

The Good News Report

August 18, 2018

A self-driving shuttle, a bold plan to turn an entire city zero-waste, and smart crows making a French park cleaner, one small bite at a time. Progress takes many forms in this week’s Good News Report.

Say Hello To Olli

Smart, handsome and powered by electricity — the new kid on University of Buffalo’s campus has got it going on. The self-driving shuttle, named Olli, will help researchers at the university gauge the feasibility of having autonomous vehicles at the school, and better inform debates on driverless vehicles more generally. READ MORE.

Waste Not, Want Not

Becoming zero-waste is hard enough for one person, let alone an entire town. But Missoula, Montana, has a plan to do just that. The town’s ZERO by FIFTY plan calls for eliminating 90 percent of its wastestream by 2050, by various means, including boosting accessibility to recycling and composting, educating the public and providing incentives to business for recycling debris. READ MORE.

Living Off The Fat Of The Land

You know the saying: “When life hands you fatbergs, make renewable energy.” Or something like that. At any rate, scientists have figured out a way to break down these disgusting blobs of congealed grease and flushed waste and turn them into methane gas, which could be used to generate power. READ MORE.

Blackbirds Cleaning In The Dead Of Night …

Last, but not least, crows in France have learned how to pick up cigarette butts and other small bits of trash in Puy du Fou theme park. As long as they remain friendly, we should be OK. READ MORE.

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