The Good News Report

The Good News Report

July 9, 2018

New York State is soliciting ideas to make its transit cleaner, a solar-energy entrepreneur is introducing off-grid systems in remote villages, and a new ice-melting nanotechnology could cut down on auto emissions. Things are heating up in the world of energy, and it’s only Monday.

Moved To Improve

Good news, New Yorkers! The state is openly seeking your input to improve technology and operations in order to run its transit systems more efficiently. “In total, $18.5 million will be made available in multiple rounds of funding for projects to increase efficiency in public transit systems through 2022,” the state said.

Sun Goddess

This is Hannah Olmberg-Soesman. She’s installing solar panels in remote areas of her native Suriname. She sees it not only as a way to help power struggling communities, but also to train people to work with new technology. “With access to sustainable energy both individuals as well as whole village communities can explore the unlimited opportunities beyond their rivers and forests,” she told Forbes.

Oh, Canada

According to Popular Mechanics, the Canadians have found a way to use E. coli to collect solar energy. In short, instead of trying to extract photosynthetic chemicals from bacteria, they’re making solar panels with the bacteria intact. They are apparently less expensive to produce than other panels and work well in low light.

Jolly-Good Idea

Meanwhile, a group in England wants to put water-powered turbines in London’s drainage system. The city would transfer the energy into batteries for use in devices associated with public utilities.

Melt With You

Last, we have a sunlight-absorbing nanotechnology that melts ice from windshields. Ideally, this could allow drivers to forego warming their cars long enough to clear the ice manually.

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