Why Drift… You Asked?

Why Drift… You Asked?

June 13, 2018

I recently joined Drift as Chief Product Officer. 

I’ve been creating meaningful experiences and products for many years in both Europe and the United States for more than twenty years. I’ve overseen large teams comprising product, innovation, user experience, research, design, marketing and technology. Having worked with some of the largest consumer brands (Hearst, CBS Interactive, Getty Images, Indra, etc,) several friends asked me why Drift.

Drift is among the best organizations I’ve ever joined.

It fits my values. It speaks to the most valuable lessons that define what drives me and energizes me:

Build stuff that matters – Cool design and technology are great, but building things that improve people’s lives is meaningful. Sure, we use artificial intelligence, blockchain and all the cool kids available in the neighborhood right now. But what matters is that Drift is doing it to modernize the energy industry and believes that clean and free energy is everyone’s right.

Everything starts with a story – “A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our emotions.” Drift was founded by two musicians after they met farmer Dave. Farmer Dave wanted to install enough solar panels to power his community. But…, regulations, financing, marketing… he gave up. Greg and Ed, the two founders of Drift, did not.

Inspire and be kind. I’m often described as a motivational leader, with an informal style and a reputation of spreading enthusiasm to those around me. I can be myself at Drift, and everyone appreciates it because everyone is kind, everyone is here because we feel we are part of something much greater than ourselves.

Drift is committed to leave this world better than it found it. And that’s contagious.

Having the opportunity of joining a company with such great aspirations, a company that embraces transparency, fun and big hearts was more than exciting. It felt important.

It felt important not just because Drift was using the latest technologies to modernize the energy industry; not just because Drift was committed to make electricity clean and affordable for everyone; not just because I liked the CEO. It also felt important because while all of us, at some point, are spectators (and often victims) of racism, gender inequality, bullies, and lack of integrity and transparency in the workplace (no matter the industry), Drift felt like a whole lot of fresh air. And still today, it feels as if every day I’m the first person breathing that air for the first time.

Drift cultivates and promotes a culture of transparency, of caring, of genuine diversity that’s unlike anything I had experienced before. Drift doesn’t care about gender, age, race, color or size. It cares about people, intelligence, passion and intention. Drift cares about the planet, our future, our team and our customers.

Drift cares. It represents the ideal company of the future. But it’s here and now.

That’s why I joined Drift. It’s simple.