Why should I join Drift?

Why should I join Drift?

May 27, 2018

Here are some reasons:

Drift Costs Less

Whether you’re dedicated to do good for the environment or simply looking after managing your budget,  Drift will save you money. Simple.

Drift Connects Power Users with Power Providers

Drift brings elements of the maker movement to electricity by creating peer-to-peer connections between power users and power providers. We work with local power providers to maximize their efficiency and connect them with power users. Enabling connections like these not only contributes to stable, local economies, it also saves you money. (Any warm feelings you may get from keeping it local are purely a bonus.)

Drift Makes Things Simple

Best Savings? Or 100% Zero Emissions? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our straightforward sign up process makes it easier.  Then, our smart software enables you to simply and easily get the energy you want at prices that make sense.

Drift Makes Things Clear

No middlemen. No weird fees. No problem understanding what you’re getting.

With Drift, you won’t ever have to wonder where your power comes from or what it costs. From our mission statement to our data, from back-end design choices to our web site’s user interface, Drift is dedicated to clarity and transparency. Our company was founded on the idea that we all benefit when unnecessary complexity is eliminated.

Life is complicated enough. Your electric bill really doesn’t need to be.

Drift Is Not Your Father’s Electric Company

Innovative engineers in the 20th century came up with the electrical grid we still use today, all across North America. Drift honors the work of our engineering forebears by bringing 21st century technology to power delivery.

Our energy nerds work together with our user experience nerds to bring you the most modern, efficient experience possible. Whether you’re signing up or checking your bill, connecting with your local power provider or learning more about how energy reaches you, Drift’s smart design will make your experience better.