2017: A six month review

2017: A six month review

February 15, 2018

2017 was quite a year for us. We came out of our private beta and launched full swing in New York City in June. Here are some of the major highlights for us:

    • Our members accessed 517,140 kWh of clean energy
    • We saved our customers over $26,000 vs their previous utility 
    • We partnered with four hydro dams in upstate New York:
        • Sissonville: A 3 MW hydropower plant sitting on Raquette River. Their powerplant helps reduce 7,243 tons of CO2 annually.
        • NY State Dam: A 11 MW project located in the Mohawk River. Their powerplant helps reduce 28,017 tons of CO2 annually.
        • Warrensburg: A 3 MW hydropower plant located on the Schroon River. Their powerplant helps reduce 6,338 tons of CO2 annually.
      • Fourth Branch: A 3MW hydropower plant located in Saratoga, NY. Their powerplant helps reduce 7,344 tons of CO2 annually.
    • 93% of our customer came from ConEd, while the rest came from other ESCOs (Energy Service Providers)
  • In December we donated nearly 100 meals to families in need through our partnership with CityMeals on Wheels

Our 100% Clean Energy customers prevented nearly 190,000 pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions between June through December in 2017. That’s the equivalent of:

    • Over 2100 trees planted
    • 2,828 lamps switched to LEDs
  • Recycling over 58,000 pounds of waste

All in all it was an incredible 2017! We’re thrilled to have your support in disrupting and advancing an age old industry. Join us to make 2018 even better. We’re excited about the year ahead.