Customer Spotlight: Chris

Customer Spotlight: Chris

January 30, 2018

We’re continuing our customer spotlight series which highlights users in the Drift community. For this week’s spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Christopher Morini Jr, a movie and video game lover, avid hockey fan and a Senior Systems Administrator who currently works at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Learn a little bit about him and why he loves Drift!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to New York City in 2004 with $8,000 in my pocket, without knowing a single person or having a job. I am a movie, trading card & video game lover. Soccer & Hockey are my sports. Held a few different jobs over the years, including: Empire Coffee & Tea, Film & TV post production, and a cloud hosting services provider in NYC. Right before I considered leaving NYC, I met my fiancé, Sarah, summer of 2014 and that changed everything for me really.  Now I’m at the Met and it’s remarkable. The people here are phenomenal and I love it. 

How did you hear about Drift?

I first heard about Drift on my lunch break via Twitter. I saw something that looked too good to be true. I called and eventually spoke to someone named Matt. That was April of 2017. I actually didn’t join until first week of June. Long story short my first power bill was $11 and thought “how is this possible?” We all know that NYC has been burned by ESCOs and Drift is changing the game.

Why did you switch to Drift?

I switched to Drift because I was looking for alternatives due to a family emergency. Plus, dealing with the rising cost of living in NYC. My ConEd bills were around $85-$135 a month in the winter. Now my cost with Drift has been around 20% less. It’s quite staggering. Granted everyone varies depending on buildings and what not, you’re not going to find a better rate unless you jump in your own hamster wheel and try and generate your own kilowattage!

Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

I’ll close it with this. Drift cares about you and it shows. They care about getting you the best rate at the lowest cost via their power mix options. Have a question? Call or email them! They’ll respond with someone who actually cares and is actually happy to help you. I trust Drift with my livelihood. I have been with the company for about 8 months and I am not going anywhere.

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