Green Energy: Not Just for Liberals Anymore

Green Energy: Not Just for Liberals Anymore

January 12, 2018

The phrase green energy can conjure a certain image of youthful idealism and lefty viewpoints. While we are big fans of idealism, we tend to believe that green energy is more equal opportunity than its reputation. In addition to the young, nature-loving, and Democratic-leaning, green energy is a good fit for, well, anyone who appreciates efficiency and lower costs.  (Conservation, it’s fun to remember, is rooted in the same word as conservatism.)

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the numbers.

Way back in 2011, researchers at The Civil Society Institute published a poll revealing that most Americans (including 65% of Republicans) believed the United States ought “to be a clean energy technology leader and it should invest in the research and domestic manufacturing of wind, solar, and energy efficiency technologies.” Also in 2011, when the Gallup polling agency asked Americans whether they believed the country’s energy problems would be better solved by oil and gas or by alternative energies, 66% of us chose alternative energies.

In 2017, asked exactly the same question by Gallup, the number of Americans who believed in the power of green energy increased to 71%. And researchers at Yale recently found that no matter their political beliefs, Americans broadly support green energy research.  

Maybe even more exciting is new international research. The Danish energy company Ørsted used to be in the oil and gas business. Founded in the early 1970s, the company was Denmark’s largest energy provider. Last year, after ten years of steady research and investment into alternative energies, the company divested from oil and gas and renamed itself after one of Denmark’s groundbreaking scientists, Hans Christian Ørsted.

Perhaps curious about whether their new model was going to be a good one for the long haul, Ørsted commissioned a survey of the entire world to determine who, exactly, likes green energy. Turns out? Everyone likes green energy.

Regardless of age, education level, or political leanings, people around the world strongly support the use of alternative energies. Where 14% of people said we ought to use more coal, 80% said we ought to use more solar power. All around the world, people believe it’s time to get out of the coal energy business. In China – currently the world’s largest user of coal-fired energy – a whopping 96% of respondents said they’d like to phase out coal entirely.

Move over, lovers of Birkenstocks. The entire world is here, and ready for green energy. 

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