Baby, It’s (Gonna Be) Cold Outside

Baby, It’s (Gonna Be) Cold Outside

November 3, 2017

Meteorologists and other weather gurus are predicting a cold winter. Cold winters mean higher heating costs, right? The United States Energy Information Administration (U.S. EIA) thinks so. They recently published a report predicting that heating costs will rise this winter.

The amount of increase will depend, according to the report, on a few things. Of course, how much heat people need is dependent on the weather. If the meteorologists are right, it’s going to be a particularly cold winter. When it’s cold outside, people use more heat. Lower temperatures outside = more energy usage inside = higher energy bills.

What price people pay for the heat they’re using is also variable. The size of your energy bill is dependent on which energy is fueling your heat. Different energy sources – electric, oil, coal, etc. – cost different amounts. While the U.S. EIA is predicting price increases across the board and regardless of primary energy sources, those customers using oil and propane are expected to experience the largest overall price increases.

We read the U.S. EIA report and thought: hey, this winter might be a good time for folks to switch to Drift. Whether you’re cranking your thermostat or not, Drift can save you money on your energy bill.

Drift reduces costs in a few ways. First, our software is smart. Using complex models and statistics, our software is able to reduce inefficiencies at every juncture. From energy delivery to billing, we’re simply more efficient than other power companies. And that efficiency saves you money.

Second, we’re all about connections. We’ve ditched the middlemen and work to connect you with people providing energy locally. Connecting power users with local power providers increases efficiency and reduces costs. (You may be sensing a theme. Yep, it’s true – we’re into efficiency.)

As autumn ebbs and the chill winter sets in, we’d like to suggest trying out the new power company in town. Save some money on your power bill and you’ll have more available for more fun winter expenditures, like gifts and ski trips. Drift is available across all five boroughs in New York.