Customer Spotlight: Riverdel Fine Foods

Customer Spotlight: Riverdel Fine Foods

October 13, 2017

We’d like to introduce our first business customer spotlight! The goal of this series is to feature our customers and share their experiences with the world. Today’s feature is Michaela Grob, owner of Riverdel Fine Foods, a 100% vegan speciality shop in Brooklyn.

What inspired you to start Riverdel?

I’m vegan and love food and cheese! When I first became vegan, I realized that there weren’t many options out there. The few options I came across were either difficult to find or hard to get. There is so much out there that people don’t know about and that’s why I opened Riverdel. We don’t just carry cheese, but many other non-dairy fine foods that are difficult to find.

What is the mission of your company?

My mission is to showcase all the great vegan food out there and inspire people to try it. There are all kinds of customers including lactose intolerant or those who just want less dairy…not just vegan cheese. So we want to easily bring that to them.

What were your energy costs before Drift?

Very high! The storefront is in an old building that doesn’t really have good insulation. Plus, we have an AC unit and our refrigeration costs are high — Our bill used to be $1000. Not anymore. Now we’re able to save money. Also, I really like the weekly statements. Most bills are monthly and having a weekly statement really helps spread the cost across the month – operationally it just makes it easier. 

Why did you switch to Drift?

Again, it was about the savings. I read about Drift somewhere. I think it was social media. We initially didn’t choose the Zero Emissions plan right away. We’re still a new business so savings of $200 a month is significant for us. Once I got a hold of the cost, we made the switch. The Zero Emissions plan is more aligned with what we believe in. 

Any advice for other up and coming small businesses? 

Focus on the big picture rather than getting hung up on the little details. Nothing is going to be 100% perfect and you can easily get lost in what doesn’t work — just don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on what’s important to you. 

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You can visit Riverdel at 820 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn. We highly recommend their vegan grilled cheese sandwich!

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