What does it cost to get my energy from Drift?

June 22, 2017

Drift members can save up to 20% on their energy bills – sometimes even more. How come? 

We use smart software to reduce the costs of your energy.

Energy costs are determined, in part, by energy forecasts. Forecasts are influenced by ever-changing factors, from weather to the relative costs of different energy sources. We have developed sophisticated algorithms and complex models, statistics, and code to create more accurate forecasts. This increased accuracy means you aren’t paying for inaccurately overpriced energy.

More accurate forecasting means less waste and lower prices. 

We partner with local and clean energy producers to save you money.

Drift partners directly with power makers. These partnerships are valuable for a few reasons.

By getting to know our power providers, we are able to work with them to reduce their production costs. When they save money? You save money.

We also believe that zero-emissions energy shouldn’t be more expensive. Our partnerships with local,  clean energy makers enable us to provide you with clean energy directly, which means zero-emissions energy costs us (and you) less.

Partnering directly with power makers also means that we can eliminate processes and middlemen that keep adding cost to your bill, while lowering the profit for the power makers. Traditional electricity companies accommodate for errors in forecasting by using bank loans to smooth the bumps associated with uncoordinated ebbs and flows of money, forecasting errors, etc. As we all know, bank loans aren’t free. Traditional electricity companies pass the costs of their loans on to their customers.

Drift uses a proprietary technology to forecast and schedule based on a diverse number of data points, from weather, to consumption history, trends, rate fluctuations, etc. This allows us to reduce overhead, which means you’re paying for energy (not the costs of bank loans and so many other people and processes in between).

And we have a clear mission

We don’t believe in profiting from inefficiencies or by tricking consumers (or producers) into contracts they can’t leave unless they pay high penalties. Drift is committed to make clean energy affordable and accessible to everyone, not just the 1%.  Our CEO says it best: “If we are profiting while your power bill doubles, we are at odds with each other. If we don’t save you money, we want you to leave. That’s what we tell customers.” 

Interested? Check out our free online estimate

Our online estimate will calculate for you what you could save every month based on your latest power bill.  The estimate is designed to give you an idea and guide you to know if you’d like to give us a try.  Most of our customers are saving more than the estimate calculates.  It’s free. Give it a try.

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