What does it cost to get my energy from Drift?

June 22, 2017

Drift members can save up to 10% on their energy bills – sometimes even more. How come? Our members pay for: actual energy used, the cost of getting that energy to you and Drift’s subscription fee. 

We use smart software to reduce the costs of your energy.

Energy costs are determined, in part, by energy forecasts. Forecasts are influenced by ever-changing factors, from weather to the relative costs of different energy sources. We have developed sophisticated algorithms and complex models, statistics, and code to create more accurate forecasts. This increased accuracy means you aren’t paying for inaccurately overpriced energy.

Margins are small in the energy business, but as we sought to increase efficiency across the board, we realized we could additionally reduce costs by selling power to our users at wholesale, rather than retail prices.

We invest in smart connections that save you money.

Drift partners directly with power makers. These partnerships are valuable for a few reasons.

By getting to know our power providers, we are able to work with them to reduce their production costs. When they save money? You save money.

We also know that zero-emissions energy doesn’t have to be more expensive. Our partnerships with clean energy makers enable us to provide you with clean energy directly, which means zero-emissions energy costs us (and you) less.

Knowing our power makers also means we know their billing cycles, and that results in more money saved. Remember, Electricity Grid 101? Power makers transform wind and water into electricity using enormous turbines. They decide when and for how long to run the turbines based on forecasts. In order for you to receive your electricity seamlessly, these forecasts are scheduled on a 7-day cycle.

Power providers bill based on this 7-day cycle. Traditional electric companies are billed by their power providers weekly, but bill their customers monthly. They accommodate for that disconnect by taking out bank loans to smooth the bumps associated with uncoordinated ebbs and flows of money. As we all know, bank loans aren’t free. Traditional electric companies pass the costs of their loans on to their customers.

Drift bills on a weekly basis to keep our power users in sync with our power makers. This connection means reduced overhead, which means you’re paying for energy (not the costs of bank loans).

And we cut out the middlemen.

We don’t believe in profiting from inefficiencies. Drift has done away with opaque fee structures and we work to keep our overhead low.  We’re proud to have replaced the myriad fees and charges of a traditional electric bill with a simple and clear membership fee of $1 per week.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!